Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Because I work in retail, I don't get Christmas off, because people who work in retail apparently have no family, friends, or religion with which to celebrate that day. But, that's alright, because my family is awesome and we rescheduled our Christmas for New Year's Eve. So it worked out fine!

I have two nephews: Conor, who is 2 and Lucas, who is 7 months. They are the cutest kids ever. EVER. I know, everybody says that about their kids and their little relatives. But seriously, even people who don't like kids think they're friggin adorable. 

So anyway, it took me until about 3 months ago to get Conor to actually start saying my name. He loves to say my husband's name, and loves my brother's name, and even tries to say his name (it usually comes out as "Coco" or "Cocker", depending on how lazy he's feeling that day). Maria isn't much fun to say. I know, because it's not fun to make nicknames for, either. I feel for the kid. To a 2 year old, saying my name is like trying to talk with a mouth full of peanut butter and gum. 

Anyway, so he calls me "his Mia". Which is beyond adorable. Tear inducingly adorable. Today, I was playing with Lucas and decided to lie on my side on the couch so I was at his eye level when he was standing. I suddenly hear Conor scream,


He has a cousin Chelsea. I think somehow he has mixed up fuzzy, curly-haired me with sleek and straight-haired Chelsea. My parents and sister-in-law tell him that I'm not Chelsea, I'm Mia. So then he screams,


I make a face at him and make a game out of shushing him and telling him I'm tired. Which he loves. But I would not respond whenever he'd scream "CHOSEY!" at me, to see if I could get him to remember that I'm "Mia". Well, that didn't work so well, because he kinda gave up and instead shouted,


Well, I give him credit for being creative. Plus, he could call me Kurt and I'd still find him cute. 

Long story short, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!! And don't drink too much, because alcohol poisoning is only fun for everyone else.

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