Friday, April 20, 2012

The Burp from Dinners Past

Sometimes, you eat a meal that is so delicious that all you want to do is eat it again, and again, and again forever. Unfortunately for anatomical reasons, you obviously cannot continue to eat indefinitely because you'll eat yourself sick. Unless, like in Hunger Games, you choose to drink a drink that will purge your stomach and then you can keep eating and eating.

This is where burps come into play. I love when I eat a delicious steak, or taco, or SUPER BOWL CHILI (thanks Mom) and I get to revisit the deliciousness later when, inevitably, I burp. Mmmmm. Say what you will, but you KNOW you love the Rebound Burp. Like all rebounds, it's a way to satisfy your needs without having to worry about the commitment. Because, really, you're going to move on to another meal  with better burps.

Don't judge. You sniff your burps in your hand, too.            Hal Brindley

Yet, there are those horrible meals you eat (particularly fishy fish, bad meatballs, or cabbage) that, no matter how much you want to forget them, they just come back to haunt you. Via burps. Much like a stalker, it just keeps coming back until you sign a restraining order (or just eat a Tums).

Applebee's, I used to love your ribs. Because the burps tasted of delicious, delicious Applebee's BBQ sauce. But, alas, your sauce has since become runny, and now all I taste is so-so rib meat burps. 3 hours later.

Where do you go.....

My riblets.....

Where do you go...?

I wanna know :-(           Ambro

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