Thursday, April 26, 2012

puts 'My Husband Is Programming Me'

This one goes out to everybody who knows anything about computer programming.

For the last few weeks, my husband has been reading up on Ruby (a programming language much like Java, but WAY WAY easier) to start a career as a Programmer. I fully support this decision, because he loves computers, and told me about how much he enjoyed his Website Design class in school and how he wanted to go to school for computers initially.

However, one of the quirks about Dave learning something new, or doing something new, is I wind up learning it/doing it with him. Zelda...I'm going through all of them now. Guitar...yep, I'm now doing that, too.

And, of course, programming.

Now, don't think this is me complaining "OH MY GOD, MY HUSBAND WANTS ME TO BE INTERESTED IN THE THINGS HE'S DOING. HOW HORRIBLE!" No, actually I think it's awesome that he's so excited about new things he enjoys that he wants me to share in his personal glee. Believe it or not, he hit the nail on the head with this one. I'm super detail-oriented, and like order and love typing. So, when he kept telling me every day for the last few weeks, "Wife, I really think you should read this programming book. I honestly think you'll like it," I figured it would be easier to just go ahead and start it just to shut him up.

And then I discovered the joy of programming.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of Ruby and Command Prompt,                   watcharakun
I will fear no DEL/ code.

Here is why I have decided that programming is something I could totally do in my spare time.

Now I know why you programmers giggle so much.


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