Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exercise is just an 8 letter word for suffering...a 9 letter word.

Why I don't walk much in the winter (and subsequently, why I gain weight in the winter):

Have you ever gotten that obnoxious stabby, prickly, itchy, I-WANT-TO-KILL-ALL-THINGS feeling in your legs after walking outside for a while when it's really cold?

Have you ever had that feeling so bad that all you could think about was scratching your legs (which makes it worse, of course) and KILLING ALL THINGS?

I have that.

That is why I avoid walking outside during the winter and gain weight.

Also, exercise is boring and time consuming.

We do come across wonderful sights during our walks, though:

Religious buildings in this city have an odd sense of spirituality...
Then there are signs prohibiting vague things.
We saw no fence, so we also told that sign
to fornicate with itself.
Often, the ground feels it is necessary to tell us where to go.
I tell it to go fornicate with itself.

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