Friday, January 20, 2012

IRS: I Really Suck, Guys

I hate the IRS. They use long, complicated forms that have long complicated explanations, then you sift through a long list of potentially useful phone numbers and call their help line and the automated system has a long list of vague and complicated options for you to sift through and then when you reach the right option, you wait 20 minutes for someone to confuse the shit out of you, AND when you go onto their website, thinking it'd be easier (because, come on folks, we all turn to the internet for its famed ease of passage), and find it's just as complicated and frustrating as those damn paper forms and the phone calls!

That was a very long run-on sentence that explains why I think the IRS stands for I Really Suck, Guys. The "G" is silent.

Only the IRS could make their website worse than just filling out the stupid paper form. That's why I think the IRS should have a Facebook page, so I can "like" it, then "unlike" it. It would give me a sense of satisfaction to do that, because there is nothing better.

Well, I just checked, and the IRS does, in fact, have a Facebook page. So, I made a small, boring collage of photos of me "liking" then "unliking" it:

They look so happy. Lies.

As if "liking" them isn't enough, they then asked, before confirming my "like", if I would recommend them to friends. I recommended them in my own special way.

Finally, before following proceeding to "unlike", I took notice of how many "likes" they had.

I don't care how silly and childish this was. I feel better. Facebook can be therapeutic.

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  1. Why on Earth the IRS would have a freaking Facebook page is beyond me. But bravo, you win one internet!