Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Laundry Woes, Winter Blows

My question of the day:

How is it that, in a society where we can watch movies in 3D from home and phones that can dictate a voicemail and e-mail it to you, we don't have a liquid detergent that doesn't freeze?

I know, I know. Just use powder. But seriously, it needs to be created. Because powder detergent is annoying, and I never remember to bring the detergent in from the car (because I'd never remember to bring it with me to the laundromat otherwise), and I can't keep buying new, unfrozen detergent. I'll become broke because of rising costs of laundry detergent and the certain increase in gas mileage due to dozens of heavy, half-filled bottles of frozen detergent. It's an economic tragedy in the making!

Can't you see my dilemma, Walmart?

Also, the people who wash their stuff at the laundromat I go to always smell of farm animals or cats. Gross.

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