Monday, January 9, 2012

Learning outside of school is hard work

Today, I have made a few interesting decisions.

Number one: I am going to sign up for a beginner's yoga class. Why? All I do is sit on my butt all day and it'll be good for my body. Get some tone and whatnot. Plus, it'll get me out of the house and doing my own thing, which is also a good thing! I'll meet some new people, maybe make some more buddies!

Number teeeeeeew: I'm teaching myself to sign. Why? Well, there is the nicest older couple that come in to rent movies from the store where I work, and they are 100% deaf. I wish I could help them in a way that doesn't require both of us to write down everything we want the other person to know. So, I'm going to learn some simple and basic phrases just to make it easier.

They look like good, strong hands....
*Bonus points if you can figure out the reference*

Number tree: That one's a surprise! I can't say what or when it will arrive (because I'm not sure if my husband reads my blog with any regularity or not, and the surprise is for him), but rest assured before the week is out I will have pictures!

No, Mom and Dad, I'm not pregnant.

Anyways, quite an interesting week, that is for sure! I'm not sure whether anybody else has this song stuck in their heads, but if you don't, YOU WILL NOW. 

*Disclaimer: There is a lot of penis in this video, so don't watch it if you're uncomfortable. However, you can always just close your eyes...

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