Monday, February 13, 2012

Breaking Dawn: Acting Tips from Kristen Stewart

Hi. My name is Kristen Stewart. You may know me from such films as:

Panic Room


But most of you probably know me most recently as Bella in Twilight.


I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, "Is it hard being half of one of the most famous fictional couples to date?" The answer is yes. It's a lot to live up to, being Bella. I have to reach deep down inside for inspiration to draw on to be a love struck teenage girl. Sometimes I think of really sad things to help me feel agony.

Here I'm thinking about when I stubbed my toe 
Or lovey things when I'm in love.

Here I'm thinking about how much I love Robert.

Those are just a few, though. I'm going to help out some fellow acting fans who want to know my secrets. I'm going to give just a few pictures of the different ways I show emotion, along with some thoughts I'd been having to really help me feel those feelings and stuff.

He's going to kill me, so naturally I was terrified. I wanted to show fear, so here I thought about that time I saw a spider in the kitchen.

I was confused why Edward would leave me, being my undead soul mate and all, so I remembered  taking a really hard math test to convey unfathomable confusion.

In this scene I just woke up from the best night of love making with my new husband. I thought of that awesome burrito I ate the other day. Really, it was that good.
I'm so happy with my Edward here. In this shot I...oh...I'm not acting here. Huh. Never mind.

This is a good one. Probably some of my best acting. Here, Edward and I are consummating our relationship for the first time as husband and wife. I can't tell you exactly what I was thinking, but you can really see the ecstasy on my face here.

Anyway, those are just some of the ways that I have found help when you're having trouble getting the emotion on your face when you're acting. I'd like to think of myself as a very emotionally diverse actress, but I don't want to seem cocky.

I hope this helps.


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